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Our Breeding Cats


Ch Forest*Star No Rain of Timber Frost

Silver Patched Mackerel Tabby

Rain is a large sized Siberian, with both beauty and type. With only 3 shows under her belt, she won the Region 2 Award for 3rd Best Siberian for the 2021-2022 show season.  Her coat is soft like a rabbit and a gorgeous light silver with hints of soft colored red (pink) toned patches.  Her kittens tend to run on the large side, with her two 9-month-old male kittens weighing in at 13.6 and 16.5 pounds!  She has been DNA tested clear and her HCM test is normal. 

Date of Birth:  9/10/2020.



Ch Forest*Star On Fire of Timber Frost

Brown Classic Tabby

Ember is a beautiful Brown Classic Tabby, which tends to show as golden.  She is our sweetest and calmest Queen and the ruler of our house. You can usually find her napping on someone's lap.  Ember has been DNA tested clear and her HCM  ultrasound is normal.  Date of Birth:  9/12/2020


    Ch Forest*Star's Nutella of Timber Frost

    Tortie with White

    Nutella is our gorgeous Tortoiseshell (Tortie).  She has a rich coat color of Black and Red with a white bib.  She is our newest Queen and expecting kittens January 2024.  She is very dog like and waits for us at the backdoor to come home.  She helped Rain raise her last litter by laying, cleaning and watching the kittens.  Nutella has been DNA tested clear and will be HCM tested later in 2024.  Date of Birth:  8/8/2022



      Ch Timber Frost's Coco Chanel

      Smoke Tortie and White

      At just 9 months old, Chanel is a Queen in training.  She is the daughter of Rain and our first Timber Frost bred Queen.  Her coloration is very unusual and striking.  She has the sweetest of temperament's and loves to give kisses on your nose or cuddle in your lap.  We're expecting great kittens in the future from this beauty!  Chanel has been DNA tested clear.  Too young for HCM.  Date of Birth:  4/3/2023

        KING SAGE

        Sunova Sage of Timber Frost

        Seal Lynx Point and White

        We acquired Sage from Sunova Siberians and he is co-owned with us and Forest*Star Siberians.  Sage is our King in Training and we are expecting some beautiful kittens from him in the future.  He has a fabulous temperament and is very kind and gentle with the older established queens in the house.  He will be in the show ring in 2024.  He has a very plush coat and a gorgeous, full tail.  He has been DNA tested clear.  Too young to be tested for HCM.  Date of Birth:  7/27/2023.

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